The Wiley Digital Archives platform has been specifically designed to meet modern archival research needs.


The collections are offered on a bespoke, customized platform with the ability to search, browse, download and share content. Manuscript content is discoverable by indexing information from document headers, such as names, places, and dates on handwritten materials. Other resources include blueprints, correspondence, meetings, personal papers, photographs and more. Printed documents are full-text searchable and can be downloaded, viewed as text, or translated into multiple languages. Charts, graphs, and datasets are exportable into a fielded EXCEL document with one click. This includes handwritten data captured in fieldnotes and elsewhere. Search results are returned with visual cues, rather than simply as a static list, and historical maps are geo-tagged enabling researchers and students to browse maps using a visual search tool, tying each map to its location on the globe. You can print, translate, and download individual documents, and documents can also be shared via email or social media. Shared items can then be viewed by the recipient without authentication.

  • Intuitive interface
  • Full-text searchability for printed documents
  • Visual search results
  • Enhanced metadata
  • Downloadable Optical Character Recognition (OCR) text
  • Term frequency, chronology, and analysis tools
  • Exportable datasets for charts, tables, statistics & handwritten fieldwork notes
  • Geo-tagged historical maps
  • Textual analysis
  • Headers, names, places, dates and core metadata have been manually keyed-in
  • Collections are browse-able at archive, collection, box & folder levels
  • Print, download, save and share documents

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